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Our passion for creating the custom pins for your business, organization, or personal project goes beyond basic manufacturing. We are dedicated to providing high-quality pins with great attention to detail. We offer a variety of hard and soft enamel pins, with multiple metal and color options.

Hard Enamel

Custom Pins - Hard Enamel

Soft Enamel

Custom Pins - Soft Enamel Lapel Pin Maker


Custom Pins - Carded Enamel Lapel Pin


Custom Pins - Gold Metal - Enamel


custom pins - copper hard enamel pin


Custom Pins - Nickel Metal

Black Dye

custom pins - black dye soft enamel pin


Custom Pins - Antique Metal Lapel Wholesale

Rose Gold

Custom Pins - Rose Gold Metal

Black Nickel

Custom Pins - Black Nickel

Pantone Dyed

Custom Pins - soft enamel pantone dyed pin


custom pins - rainbow metal soft enamel pin

Offset Printed

custom pins - offset printed pin

Hard Enamel + printing

Custom Pins - Spot-Printed-Pins-unnamed-footage-festival-2


Custom Pins - 3D Enamel Lapel Pins molded

Glow in the dark

Custom Pins - Glow In The Dark Enamel Lapel Pins


Custom Pins - Glitter Enamel Lapel Pins

Screen printed

Custom Pins - Screen Printed Enamel Lapel Pins


We have extended our portfolio to beyond making custom pins. We offer custom patches, stickers, keychains, pendant necklaces, earrings and phone grips.

Our team’s goal is to work together to try and get the best results for you the first time. Manufacturing products can be challenging and our goal is to make it seem much easier than it really is and make the best choices we can for you out of the gate. We handle the heavy grunt work for you and if you can walk away thinking it was pretty easy to make pins, we have done our job.

We’ve worked directly with the the factory on a daily basis since 2016 and have now made a little over 2 million pins and get daily shipments from them. As their biggest client, our jobs take priority. Over the years, We’ve produced almost 3 million total products between our clients and our own brands, so we understand what it takes to make your art into a real product and we value your IP and artwork and keeping the integrity in the translation to a physical good. This is not a hobby for us, it’s what we do and we really enjoy helping people create something from their art.

About PGS


Please include details about your order, such as the quantity, artwork, size you’d like the product(s) so we can accurately quote your project.