Our pin making process is quick & easy. Contact us and follow the steps below to create your custom pins.

1. We settle the art, details and all pricing, trying to work out any kinks in the art and to get the expectation set of what will be made.
2. Invoice is sent via PayPal.
3. Once paid, I submit the order for us to the factory and they will provide a digital proof within 1-2 business days.
4. I send the proof for you to review and we can either approve it to schedule production or make changes and et new proofs until you give the thumbs up. Nothing gets made without your approval.
5. Once approved, soft enamel takes about 2.5-3 weeks in production and hard enamel can take 3-3.5 weeks on average from proof approval. We just hold tight for a few weeks.
6. I will be notified when your pins are shipping from overseas and will relay that information with a solid eta for you.
7. Pins arrive at me and I get a photo over and the pins shipped priority to you on the same day they arrive from overseas.


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Pin Making Process – What To Expect

If you are new to pin making and producing physical products in general, please read this.  If you’ve made tons of pins, some information may be enlightening, but overall, this is geared towards first-timers.  If you make hand made products for a living, none of this information will be shocking. It’s important to set some realistic expectations in regard to actual production on pins.  99% of the time, all is good, but these are the top things people have misconceptions about, especially if you are new to manufacturing products.  If you have zero flexibility, pins may not be the best item for you.  I’m attempting to give some straight shooting honesty for you to decide if making pins is the right product for you to sell.

Pins are still a 95% handmade item.  The master mold is cut by a machine, but every other step in the process is done by people, colored by hand with little eyedroppers of color, etc.  The pins will not be a 100% perfect machine pumped out item, so you need to have realistic expectations.  This is not meant to scare you, but I see newbies to pins complain about the same few things due to a lack of understanding and ignorance of the pin making process.  Any legitimate factory quality issues will always be bought back or replaced with extra for the hassle.

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