Pricing is the to your door price that includes mold fees, production & priority shipping to you.  No hidden fees.  

You can have more colors than what is listed.  It adds about $10 per 100 per color as you go up on lower quantity orders.  

Any quantity is available. I just have where the factory has breaks listed, but if you need 125, 250, 300, 425, etc, that is all possible.

Have multiple designs you want to order at once? 
    •If doing 2 designs at once, add the totals & subtract $25.  Example: $250 + $250 = $500 – $25 = $475.  When doing 3 or 4 designs at once, it keeps taking off $25 per added design so 3 designs would be A + B + C – $50, etc

The savings comes from shared shipping and We can calculate larger group runs for you.  If combining orders of 50 qty designs, add totals and subtract $15 PEr added design

• Live overseas? We can ship direct to you from the factory.  It costs a little bit more but is still cheaper and faster (by about 2 weeks in transit) than them coming through US first.  There may be import taxes, but that is based off of the rules in your country.  from what I understand, its still cheaper than the cost of having me ship them.

What do you need to get pins made?  

  • You will need art. A vector file is best, a nice high res psd works or any kind of good sized file, but send me what you’ve got. No charge if it’s a simple vectorization which can be done from a good high res file. If the preceding sentence sounded like gibberish to you, you can email me or ask an artist friend for help.


Backing Card options:  54mm x 80mm is the most common(about the size of a business card).  75mm x 100mm is approx 3″ x 4″.  Larger options available for pin sets, like a 4″ x 4″ card to fit 3-4 pins on one card in a set

Backing options: A black rubber backer comes standard.  Any color backer can be used on request or metal butterfly for no added cost.  Deluxe backers are $0.25 per.  If your pin is 1.4″ or smaller and uses 1 back post, that is $25 per 100.  If you have a larger pin that needs two back posts, adding deluxe backers will add $50 per 100.