Stand out by making your own custom acrylic phone rings. Each ring has a 3m foam adhesive backing to hold strong on your phone or case.

alchemy-phonering pricing.png

Pricing is per design. If you want to do 100 total with 50 of one design and 50 of another, it is priced as two orders of 50 qty. Adding multiple designs Together saves $15 per added design. If 50 x 2 designs, they’d be $135 x 2 = $270 - $15 = $255 delivered

Designing for phone rings

If your artwork is die cut, we will need to add a border to soften it, much like a sticker, and the extended edge cannot be clear, so we can either add white or you can choose the color to print beyond the artwork. The reason it cannot be clear is because the 3M adhesive goes all the way to the edge and it is white.

• Be mindful of the size you are making. Going beyond 2-2.5” wide will be large on the back of most phones and it is best to print your art out at home to double check the sizing you’d like. An iPhone X is only 2.79” total width to give an example of not needing to go too wide.

Designs can be full color and for more simple shapes can be full bleed like the Alchemy example.

Vector is not needed, but if sending another file type, please make sure your art is at least 300 dpi at the final print size. Sending 1.5” art at 72 dpi would not look good printed.