Get your pin game going strong with your own custom enamel pins.   I am a brand owner and work with artists and understand your needs vs some of those random places you find on google who make mostly lapel pins for Johnny's soccer team.  

 Pricing is the to your door price(aka landed) that includes mold fees, production & priority shipping to you.  No hidden fees.  

• complex shapes or pins with knocked out areas will require a zinc alloy mold instead of iron.  This adds an additional $25 to the mold cost as well as +$20/100 pins because of the raw material cost being more for zinc.

You can have more colors than what is listed.  It adds about $10 per 100 per color as you go up on lower quantity orders.  

Pricing Upgrades
Pins larger than 1.65": +$60 to the mold + $0.20 per pin more
Gold Metal: +$0.20 per pin regardless of quantity
Silver/Copper/Bronze Metal: +$0.10 per pin regardless of quantity  100 silver pins, add $10/100, etc
Glitter: +$25 per 100 pins/ +0.25 per pin
Glow in the dark: +$25 per 100 pins/ +0.25 per pin
Backstamp Logo: $40 flat fee (if it can be shared, it can be used on multiple designs for one fee)
Carding and Bagged: 1st 100 pins: $50.  Each additional 100 +$25 per 100
Sequential Numbering: +$30 per 100/ $0.30 per pin regardless of quantity

Printed pins: Email me for an exact quote.  100 of them in a simple shape usually falls around the $265 mark

• Live overseas? A flat rate USPS box is $50 more and still the cheapest option due to weight.  Are you a mountie in Canada?  Add $35 to end cost.  A flat rate box will hold up to 500 pins.  We can also potentially ship direct from the factory.  It is cheaper and faster, but I have no control over the claimed value in terms of any VAT you may have to pay on a product imported from China vs the USA where I can mark the value down low to try and avoid import taxes.

What do you need to get pins made?  

  • You will need a real art.  A legit vector file is best, but send me what you've got.  No charge if it's a simple vectorization which can be done from a good high res jpeg.  If the preceding sentence sounded like gibberish to you, you can email me or ask an artist friend for help.  
  • If you'd like to make it easier and quicker, please send a reference sheet for colors with PMS numbers.  This can be a simple JPEG or second art board in Ai with information about your order.  If you do not supply pantone colors, I will assign closest match and double check them with you.  
  • If you want Spinal Tap none more black, choose black dye.  Black Nickel is like a cool grey 9 that is reflective in light and looks charcoal most of the time.
  Hard enamel must use a plated metal to hold up to them getting buffed down.   

Hard enamel must use a plated metal to hold up to them getting buffed down.  

Backing Card options:  54mm x 80mm is the most common(about the size of a business card).  75mm x 100mm is approx 3" x 4".  Larger options available for pin sets, like a 4" x 4" card to fit 3-4 pins on one card in a set

Backing options: A black rubber backer comes standard.  Any color backer can be used on request or metal butterfly for no added cost.  Deluxe backers are $0.25 per.  If your pin is 1.4" or smaller and uses 1 back post, that is $25 per 100.  If you have a larger pin that needs two back posts, adding deluxe backers will add $50 per 100.